Usage Guide

Step 1: Buy Tickets

About Tickets

Entrance Pass
Please specify the time for entering in half an hour at the time of purchase.

*Please note that there are no refunds after purchase. For details, see our Terms of Use.

Check prices

How to buy

Online purchases (on this website)

Payment method: credit card or UnionPay card
(Credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, JCB, Diners Club, American Express)
Buy a Ticket

*Non-DMM members can purchase tickets as well.

*DMM members cannot use UnionPay card and Mastercard.

*If you have a coupon, please enter the coupon code when paying.
(How to Use Coupons)

*If you wish to pay in cash, please purchase the ticket at the vending machine in the venue. (How to Buy Tickets at the Vending Machine)

Step 2: Procedures after Buying Online

Check content of purchased tickets

Be sure to check "Ticket Content" and "Usage Methods" after purchase.

Check purchased tickets (My Tickets)

You can check your ticket purchase from the ticket URL in an email sent to the registered email address once you have completed your purchase.

*The "Ticket URL" is required for displaying your ticket, so please store it safely.

Purchase Confirmation Email

The ticket URL is in the mail sent once the purchase is complete.

Notification Email

The ticket URL will also be included in the notification email sent two days before admission.

*If you are unable to receive emails, please check the email service provider or your email software settings.
(When you do not receive an email from DMM)

The "QR Code" shown in the linked page is your ticket.

Using a QR Ticket


  • Show My Ticket QR code on this device

    Hold the QR code over the gate to use when entering the venue.


  • Show on a smartphone or tablet device

    Access the ticket URL from your smartphone or tablet device and display My Ticket to use.

  • Print using a printer

    You can print out the QR code using a printer.

    *The QR code will be displayed after 0:00 on the day of admission.

    *When ticket information has changed (distribution or change of time/date), you will need to reprint the ticket.

Distribute tickets

You can hand tickets out in advance for those entering the venue separately.

What is Distribution?

When entering separately, this lets you hand out single tickets that have been purchased for a group of friends or family.

*Ticket distribution is not required when entering the venue at the same time.

For people distibuting their tickets (purchaser)

For people distributing their tickets (receiver)

Step 3: Using Tickets at the Venue on the Day of Admission

Line up at the admission entrance

Lining up at the venue and preparations for admission while lining up

Come to the entrance of the venue

Please arrive at the venue and line up in the entrance line in time within the time stated on the ticket.

*The time stated on the ticket is not the staying time in the venue.

About admission lines

  • Admission lines for each ticket type

  • Waiting time

  • Other precautions

Staff members will provide guidance on the above items.If you have any questions, ask nearby staff.

*Entrance Pass : You may have to wait 30 minutes to be admitted to the venue.

Admission preparations while waiting in line

When using a smartphone or tablet

  1. Check the Purchase Confirmation Email or the Notification Email

    The URL required for admission is on the QR ticket page.

  2. Display the QR ticket on your device screen

    Display the QR ticket on your device's screen and wait until you are guided through the admission gate.

    • *Please make sure the entire QR code is displayed on the screen.
    • *Cracked screens or those with special sheets attached may not be recognized by the admission gate sensors.
    • *If you are unable to display the code on the day of the event, please contact the Information Center.

When printing tickets on paper

  1. Prepare the printed ticket

    Have the printed out ticket ready and wait until you are guided through the admission gate.

    • *If the QR code section of the print out is torn or dirty, it may not be recognized by the admission gate sensors.

*If you are unable to use your ticket on the day of the event, please contact the Information Center.

Going through the Admission Gate

About Going through the Admission Gate

Hold your QR code over the admission gate

Hold your QR code over the scanner on the upper part of the admission gate until it makes a beeping sound.

Push the bar of the gate to go forward

When you push the bar and go forward, the bar will rotate, letting your enter the venue.For multiple tickets, the bar will rotate the same number of times as the number of tickets.
Do not rush, but push the bar slowly one by one to go through.

When the problem is unsolved even after looking at the Usage Guide

Please check the following solutions.

Contact information for when you experience trouble