teamLab Planets TOKYO Ticket Store Terms of Use

Effective Date June 27th, 2018

Last revision date April 13th, 2020 LLC (hereinafter, referred to as "the Company") establishes the "teamLab Planets TOKYO Ticket Store Terms of Use" (hereinafter "the Terms") and provides ticket selling service (hereinafter, "the Service") to the "teamLab Planets TOKYO" (hereinafter "the Establishment") managed and operated by PLANETS in compliance with the Terms. In addition, besides the Terms, User Guidelines, help entries and other records about the Service also apply as a part of the Terms. Before using the Service, please read the Terms carefully.

Article 1 About the Service

The Service includes the implementation of admission ticket (hereinafter, referred to as "Ticket") sales for the Establishment.

Article 2 User Eligibility

  1. 1. Only user that meet the below conditions may use the Service.

    1. (1) Agree to the Terms
    2. (2) An underage user is required to obtain an agreement (including the agreement to the Terms, the same shall apply hereafter) from their legal representatives.
  2. 2. In case an underage user uses the Service, the Company shall consider whether a consent of their legal representative has been obtained.

  3. 3. In case a user falls under any of the below items, the user is not eligible to use the Service.

    1. (1) In case any or all information (hereinafter, referred to as "the Registration Information") is false or has inadequacies registered by a user for the Service stipulated in the first paragraph of Article 3 and other items.
    2. (2) In case a user has in the past violated Terms of Use for services (not limited to this Service) managed by the Company, or has been penalized such as suspension of use, registration deletion, or other items.
    3. (3) In case a user is an antisocial force (gangs, gang members, right-wing organizations or other equivalent persons, the same shall apply hereafter), or the Company determines a user is interacting with, or participating in an antisocial force, such as supporting their operation financially (through funding, or other financial methods), cooperating in the force's operation, participating in their management, or other methods.
    4. (4) In case the Company judges that the use of the Service by a user as inappropriate in addition to the provisions in the preceding items.
  4. 4. In case of any changes to the Registration Information, a user shall change the Registration Information. For details of the change procedure please see here. Furthermore, the Company shall assume no liability for the damages arising from the delayed initiation of the change procedure by a user.

  5. 5. A user shall prepare and manage PCs, smart phones and other devices, and the Internet connection environment necessary for the use of the Service (hereinafter, referred to as "Necessary Equipment") at one's own responsibility. The Company assumes no responsibility or liability in case of Necessary Equipment's malfunction, damage, and other reasons, which caused a user's inability to obtain the Service.

Article 3 Purchase of Ticket

  1. 1. In order to purchase a Ticket, a user shall register through the Service: the type of ticket for purchase, desired date and time of admission, quantity of ticket to be purchased, full name, e-mail address, telephone number, payment method, information required for payment, and other information specified by the Company.

  2. 2. Registered members of the " (" website (hereinafter, referred to as "") managed and operated by the Company may purchase a Ticket using their account by logging in according to the rules of the Service. Please refer to this page for details.

  3. 3. When a user enters the information stipulated in the first paragraph and presses the "Purchase with these contents" button, sales agreement (in the Terms referred to as "Ticket Sales Agreement") between the Company and the user is completed.

  4. 4. In case Ticket Sales Agreement has been completed, a user shall remit the fee of purchased ticket to the Company according to the method stipulated by this Article.

  5. 5. Ticket payment method shall be limited to the methods provided by the Service. Please refer to this page for details.

Article 4 Changes to Admission Date and Time

  1. A user may change the Ticket admission date and time according to the method and only for the number of times determined by the Company until the admission date and time of the purchased Ticket.

Article 5 Refund

  1. After the Ticket Sales Agreement is completed, a user shall not be able to withdraw from the Ticket Sales Agreement or be entitled to receive a refund for the Ticket fee except when PLANETS suspends operation of the Establishment for reasons arising from its own responsibility.

Article 6 Suspension or Termination of Services

  1. 1. Even in a case when PLANETS suspends the operation of "teamLab Planets TOKYO" for unavoidable reasons, the Company assumes no responsibility for notifying a user of that intention whatsoever.

  2. 2. Exhibition contents, stores and their products, restaurants and their menus, and other items within the Establishment may be subject to change without prior notice.

Article 7 Entering the Establishment

  1. 1. Even if a user purchases a Ticket through the Service, a user is required to prepare and present their Ticket when, and for entering the Establishment, following any of the methods specified in below items. In case a user does not present the Ticket when entering the Establishment, they will not be able to enter the Establishment.

    1. (1) Obtain an electronic Ticket (QR code) on a smart phone or tablet device, by following the instructions of the Service.
    2. (2) Print an electronic Ticket (QR code) by a printer.
  2. 2. A user shall not be unable to enter the Establishment if any of the below cases applies.

    1. (1) A user has lost the Ticket.
    2. (2) A user is unable to present the Ticket when entering.
    3. (3) Another user or a third person has presented the purchased Ticket and entered the Establishment.
    4. (4) A user has violated the Terms
  3. 3. Even when a user was unable to enter the Establishment for reasons stipulated in previous items or in case a user did not enter the Establishment on the date and time of the Ticket admission, the Company shall not refund the Ticket fee.

Article 8 Prohibition

  1. 1. Besides the items separately determined by the Terms, the Company prohibits the following acts when using the Service.

    1. (1) Entering false Registration Information.
    2. (2) Using the Service by pretending to be another user or a third person.
    3. (3) Obstructing services operated by the Company apart from the Service.
    4. (4) Using the Service with an unauthorized use of a credit card or other unauthorized method.
    5. (5) Engaging in a ticket resell and transfer (regardless of the existence of commercial gain or purpose), except for using the Service's Ticket Distribution Function to distribute a Ticket to family members, friends, and acquaintances.
    6. (6) Infringing the regulations and precautions determined by PLANETS related to the management and usage of the Establishment.
    7. (7) Inflicting a loss to other user, a third person, or the Company.
    8. (8) Engaging in actions violating, or may potentially result in violating the laws and regulations.
    9. (9) Offending public order and morals.
    10. (10) Attempting unauthorized access to other computer systems or networks connected to the Service.
    11. (11) Using or providing harmful programs, such as a computer virus, in relation to the Service.
    12. (12) Engaging in actions that facilitate those specified in the above items.
    13. (13) Being suspected of engaging in actions specified in the above items.
    14. (14) Engaging in other actions judged as inappropriate by the Company.
  2. 2. The Company has a sole discretion to decide whether an action falls under prohibitions listed in the above items.

Article 9 Measures Concerning Violation of Terms

  1. The Company may suspend the use of the Service, reject Ticket sales, prohibit Ticket use and take other necessary measures without prior notice, if any of the below items apply. In such case, the Company assumes no responsibility to clarify reasons for undertaking such measures.

    1. (1) A user violates items specified in the Terms or engages in actions that may result in violation, as determined by the Company.
    2. (2) The Company judges that the use of the service by a user is inappropriate.

Article 10 Intellectual Property Rights

  1. All intellectual property rights related to the Service belong to the Company or an entity giving license permission to the Company. A user is also prohibited to use intellectual property rights of the Service outside the legally permitted scope without prior permission of the Company or of the entity giving license permission to the Company.

Article 11 Suspension, Change or Discontinuation of Service

  1. 1. In case any of the below items apply, the Company may suspend the provision of any or all parts of the Service at any time.

    1. (1) During inspection, maintenance work, or similar work on the computer system related to the Service.
    2. (2) During suspension due to accidents of computers, communication lines or other accidents.
    3. (3) When unable to operate the Service due to an earthquake, lightning, fire, storm and flood damage, power outage, natural disaster, and other inevitable accidents.
    4. (4) In other cases, when the Company judges suspension as necessary.
  2. 2. The Company reserves the right to change the contents of Service or to discontinue provision of Service as it sees necessary. Furthermore, when suspension, alteration, or discontinuation (hereinafter, referred to as "suspension and other issues.") of the Service occurs, the Company will attempt to notify its users as soon as possible in advance. However, in case of an emergency, please be aware that a prior notification might not be possible.

  3. 3. The Company assumes no responsibility for the compensation of damages suffered by a user due to suspension and other issues of the Service.

Article 12 Withdrawal from Membership

  1. When a user purchases a Ticket through a account, they will not be able to withdraw their membership during the period of possession of the Ticket for a scheduled admission.

Article 13 Disclaimer

  1. 1. The Company does not guarantee the items listed below. When using the Service, a user, by themselves, shall judge the Service itself, and the usability, or other information provided by the Service and use it at their own risk.

    1. (1) Usability, adequateness, strictness, credibility of all information (Information includes all information by the Service and information related to the Service, provided through e-mail and other means. This definition also applies for the below items provided in this section.)
    2. (2) No malfunction, error or difficulty occurred with the provision of the Service.
    3. (3) Maintaining continuation and uniformity of the Service.
  2. 2. A user shall use the Service at its own risk, and the Company will not participate in user activities. In case a dispute occurs between users or between a user and a third party, the dispute shall be resolved by concerned parties and the Company will assume no responsibility whatsoever.

  3. 3. When the Terms correspond to a consumer contract as provided by the third paragraph, Article 2 of the Consumer Contract Act, a complete exemption of liability for damages by the Company does not apply for the Terms.

  4. 4. Even in cases determined by the above items, among damages inflicted to a user because of debt, illegal conduct and other claims arising from the Company's negligence (gross negligence not included), the Company will assume no responsibility for damages occurred due to special circumstances (including cases when the Company or a user foresees or has foreseen the damage).

  5. 5. The amount of damage compensation in case a user is inflicted with damage due to debt or illegal conduct arising from the Company's negligence (gross negligence not included) shall be limited to the total amount a user has paid to the Company as compensation for the Service.

Article 14 Damage Compensation

  1. When the Company suffers damage originating from a user's conduct (including complaints arising from a user's conduct), the Company may claim compensation in the total amount (including legal fees paid by the Company) of the corresponding damage towards the user.

Article 15 Handling of Personal Information

  1. 1.The Company's "Personal Information Protection Policy"(hereinafter, referred to as "Privacy Policy") applies to the handling of personal information pertaining to a user of the Service.

  2. 2. The Company may use personal information provided by a user, such as their full name, e-mail address, telephone number and other information, for the purposes determined in the Privacy Policy, or in all following items.

    1. (1) PLANETS or a third party outsourced by PLANETS for the operation of the Establishment's business (hereinafter, referred to as "the Operator"), to cooperate during the procedure related to the Establishment's operation or a refund of the Ticket amount (examples are given below).
      • a When verifying identity of a user upon admission to the venue.
      • b When refunding the Ticket amount to a user, due to suspension of operation, change of contents, and other issues.
    2. (2) The Company, with regards to PLANETS or the Operator, aims to cooperate in responding to queries from a user.
    3. (3) We deliver the advertising email for the limited purpose of promotion In advance to users who agree on the terms and policy
  3. 3. A user agrees to directly or indirectly provide a limited range of necessary personal information, out of the personal information for procedures necessary for the provision of the Service stipulated in Item 2 to PLANETS, the Operator, or a third party (including third parties outside of Japan) outsourced by the Company.

Article 16 Revisions to the Terms

  1. Our company revised the terms and conditions of the policy based on article 548-4 of Civil Code in the event of essential judgment.
    The effect of the change, the content of the revised policy, and the effective date will be announced by posting on the website, e-mail, application push notification, or other appropriate method until the effective date.

Article 17 Notifications from the Company

  1. 1. The Company shall notify or contact a unauthorized user about the Service through the information registered by the user via the Service either by the e-mail address, or telephone number (hereinafter, referred to as "Contact Details") .

  2. 2. A user is required to immediately provide any changes to the registered Contact Details according to the method stipulated by the Company.

  3. 3. The Company will assume no responsibility for damages occurred when a user fails to register a new Contact Details or provides false Contact Details by mistake to the Company.

Article 18 Language

  1. Japanese shall be considered as the original language of the Terms. Even when the Company provides English or other language reference texts for user's convenience with regard to the Terms, only the Japanese original text shall be considered as the effective contract. No reference text provided by the Company is considered to be effective.

Article 19 Severability

  1. In case the Terms' provisions or the application of the Terms' provision are held invalid, unlawful, or impossible to enforce by a court with jurisdiction, the remaining provisions of the contract shall not be affected. In such case, the provision held invalid, unlawful or impossible to enforce, shall be amended in order to reflect the original intention of the users and the Company within the available scope of the provision's nature.

Article 20 Governing Law and Jurisdiction

  1. 1. The Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.

  2. 2. The Company and the user agree in advance on the exclusive jurisdiction of Tokyo District Court as the court of first instance for resolution of disputes regarding the Terms that might arise between them.